Here are few things that should help you get started

  • If you get a message in your browser to install an ActiveX Control then Know this: I didn't make it, and downloading or searching is not affected by it. Do not install it!! Some of the ads might try to load this shit

  • You can configure your default sorting in My Account configuration

  • You can configure the Smart Links type. The default Links type is links for XDCC Klipper Script, but you can also configure it to be mIRC compatible (irc:// links)

  • You can configure the results lines structure (Compact lines or Classic lines. On Classic lines you see Both types of the Smart Links)

  • If you choose "Compact" lines and "XDCC Klipper" as your client (which are the default options) then you also have the ability to check the checboxes and then click on "Request Selected Packs" which will cause XDCC Klipper to request the selected packs.

  • IRC Klipper remembers only packs that were selected on the page you are viewing. If you are refreshing the page, searching for a new term or go to another search results page then the checkboxes are being unchecked.

    Another thing you can configure is the search language. Right now supported Charsets are Western and Hebrew.
    It doesn't mean that the menus will be in Hebrew or English/Western, but it defines the search charset. Explanation:
    The characters in IRC Chat rooms are being mapped to 8 bits (1 Byte) ASCII code, so you can't actually tell in which language the text was written.
    To allow users from France, Germany and other European languages, a Western Charset (which is the default one) can be configured. When results are being shown, they will be written in those special western. characters.
    For search and displaying results in Hebrew, the user MUST choose Hebrew charset.

    Searches with Regular English chars can be made with both Charsets (since English is being mapped to lower ASCII Codes).

    Sorry that other languages Like Arabic, Thai, Chinese, Japanese etc.. are not yet supported. It is just that I had a little help with the other 2 languages (well English and Europeans takes most of the traffic so it was a must). I know that Asian languages are a bit (or even a lot) more complicated since they are a Multi-Byte languages (takes more than 1 byte to represent each Chars), and therefore can not be mapped into the 256 chars given by ASCII (which is what mIRC supports).

    If anyone would like to help with any of the languages above, then I'm willing to try.


  • Users who has a Username and Password can Login to their account using the Login system in My Account Configuration

  • The website shows the current Income from Clicks. I have decided to try removing all Popups and now I only count on people kindness on clicking. The Incometer should show how much was collected and it should get updated every 2 hour2. The Incometer might be disabled so if you don't see it then it means that I made it hidden.


How to Use the Search in Smart Way

Always think of the keywords that will give you the most accurate results. Starting IRC Klipper version 2.1, the search is also order based (So for example Stargate 10 2 would give different results than Stargate 2 10 )

After searching you can also sort the results by clicking on one of the columns headers.



If you agree all written above then you can go the Search page